6 Unique Cross Pendants to Represent your Faith - Christian Jewelry

These 5 stunningly unique Cross Pendant & Necklace designs will allow you to represent your Faith with Christian Jewelry like never before. These timeless Cross Pendants use design influences from Christian architecture, nature, symbols, and artifacts creating a truly one-of-a-kind style.

1. Intricate Fleur-De-Lis Cross PendantThis sleek, modern design of the fleur-de-lis combines contemporary design with subtle gothic features. The fleur-de-lis is a popular symbol of a stylized lily flower that is adorned across Christian architecture and artifacts. It is a symbol of purity and strength. 

2. Weave Cross Pendant: This cross takes inspiration from beautiful Celtic knots and creates an elegant and modern blend of nature and luxury.

3. Hammered Cross Pendant: This stunning cross's rich and geometric texture give it a beautiful design for any occasion. 

4. Miligrain Medieval Cross Pendant: This very unique design is inspired by historic medieval cross designs, but also incorporates a milgrain border giving it a modern look. 

5. Gothic Cross Pendant Pillar: This incredibly unique cross combines architectural elements of the pillars of some of the world's largest cathedrals with a gothic design and modern finishing. 

6. Wood Cross Pendant: Inspired by the wooden interiors of some of the most iconic churches around the world, this cross brings a unique charm to a timeless design.