At the cross-section of faith, design, and art, Divine Box is more than just jewelry.

Our team  traveled across the globe, trying to find Christian imagery and design influences from iconic cathedrals to delicate artifacts. We then used these influences to curate a unique collection of premium quality jewelry crafted with incredible detail and hand-finished by some of the world’s finest silver craftsmen. Our collection includes premium quality sterling silver Saint medals, crosses & crucifixes, and other religious jewelry to represent your faith with distinct luxury.

At Divine Box, we are known for our quality. Divine Box pendants and chains are beautifully crafted using sterling silver - the highest quality and purity of silver used for jewelry due to its strength and durability. Our jewelry is also specially protected with Anti-Tarnish and rhodium plating for even further longevity.

Our pendants are casted and never stamped meaning that they are solid all the way around giving them a more premium feel. They are then hand-finished and polished by some of the world’s finest silver craftsmen giving the pieces incredible detail and ensuring the quality of each piece is of the highest standards.