11 Christian Jewelry Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2019

Give the mom in your life something special for Mother's Day 2019 this year with these beautiful pendants that inspire her Christian faith with exceptional luxury. 

1.  Virgin Mother Mary with Baby Christ Pendant: This beautiful depiction of Mother Mary adorning Baby Christ is particularly special for Mother's Day as it exemplifies the pure and unwavering love a mother has for her child. The pendant is a meaningful reminder for a mother of her importance and her children's appreciation for her.

2. Intricate Fleur-De-Lis Cross Pendant: The Fleur-De-Lis is a popular symbol in Christianity of strength and purity. When exquisitely combined with a cross in this pendant, it gives a special significance to a mother of her own strength and purity.

3. Young Shepherd Christ PendantChrist's depiction of a shepherd is symbolic in Christianity of Chris as a loving protector and caretaker - values that truly represent a mother.  

4. St. Jude PendantMother's give us comfort and hope in some of the most dire circumstances, which is what is embodied by St. Jude as a Patron Saint for those that need optimism to overcome life's obstacles

5. St. Gerard Pendant: For expecting or new mothers, St. Gerard is the Patron Saint of expecting mothers giving mother's the strength needed to have a healthy pregnancy and the for the safety of their children. 

6. Celtic Knot Cross Pendant: Celtic knot designs are a symbol of faith, loyalty, family, and love as eternal - all areas in life where mothers are truly special.


7. Our Lady of Guadalupe Pendant: This is one of the most popular depictions of Mother Mary as it is enshrined within the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe - one of the most visited Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world. 

8. Weave Cross Pendant: Give your mom a cross that is truly unique as the knot design on this cross creates a beautiful blend of nature and luxury. 

9. St. Michael Pendant: St. Michael is known as the Patron Saint of those that have dedicated their lives to protecting others - perfect for mothers as they are usually our first protector. 

10. Star Cross Pendant: A classic cross with a sleek and modern touch that is great for a mother's daily wear. 

11. Christ Pendant: A mother's love for her children is one of the greatest parallels in life to the love and dedication Christ had for his followers.