18K Gold Vermeil Sterling Silver Celtic Cufflinks



Fleur De Lis Cufflinks: : These cufflinks takes inspiration from beautiful Celtic knots and creates an elegant and modern blend of nature and luxury. These cufflinks will add regal style to any outfit and is excellent for weddings, formal, business attire and an overall polished shirt finish look, best gifts for men, grooms, father, boss, boyfriend, husband.

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Materials & Crafting:

We are known for our quality. Divine Box Cufflinks are beautifully crafted using sterling silver - the highest quality and purity of silver used for jewelry due to its strength and durability.

Divine Box cufflinks are casted and never stamped meaning that they are solid all the way around giving them a more premium feel. They are then hand-finished and polished by some of the finest silver craftsmen giving the pieces incredible detail and ensuring the quality of each piece is of the highest standards.


Style #  Dimensions Material
Sterling Silver 925

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